Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Matt Damon Member in good Standing of HATE: Hollywood Against Truth Ever

deet, deet, deet, da, deet, Hot off the Hollywood press Matt Damon, whom I believe is Barbara Streisands special needs child along with his brothers George Clooney and Ben Afleck. Hey Matt, when will you learn that we could really care less about your politics and just get back on stage. This Hollywood reporter wants to puke but here is what Matt Said between his double, low fat organic Mocha Latte:

"We cannot afford the possibility of an Alaska hockey mom with no experience having to face down Vladimir Putin, which is why we must elect an Illinois suburban dad with no experience who’ll definitely and immediately have to face him down."

Hey Matt, do you remember what Obama said? Who had the weak response? Who said maybe both side are to blame. But hey growing up in Cambridge I can understand! Hey I hear your agent calling. Go do something you are good at! Acting in Movies!

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